April 2, 2008

upcoming shows: micetro run

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we’re going back to a format we haven’t done in a while.

Micetro™ – Created by Keith Johnstone, Micetro is an improv elimination format that includes directors. Up to sixteen improvisers start the evening in numbered jersyes. The directors pull numbers out of a hat to select small groups for each scene. The director sets up the scenario for the scene and may give the performers some side coaching. Of course, the audience then decides how many points the group is awarded. Throughout the show, the individuals with the lowest scores are removed. At the end of the show, there will remain one person standing, the Micetro!

i’m scheduled for the following dates:

april 13
april 28
may 18

click here for show and tickets info 

February 25, 2008

coming to the stage this sunday march 2nd

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we’re doing another run of sunday night scenes at the bayfront this weekend. 7pm sharp. hope to see you then!

show info 

October 3, 2007

next show 10/7: Sunday Night Scene

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this weekend, i’m doing a show with a new format for the sunday players – the sunday night scene. the description on the bats improv site reads: improvised songs and scenes in a non-competitive format – just a night of fun for the audience and improvisers alike!

Date: Sunday, October 7
Time: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $5 advance/$8 door

show and ticket info

August 1, 2007

Improvised Summer Games

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just a reminder that i’m performing in the Bats Sunday Players Improvised Summer Games this sunday. see post below.
Time: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $5 advance/$8 door

click here for show info and tickets

June 25, 2007

E! True Hollywood Story

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i doubt i’ll ever be famous enough to warrant an E! special, but if i ever do, it’s gotta include MC Hanger.

the year was 1990 and mc hammer just sold out going from classics like ring ‘em and turn this mutha out to can’t touch this and have you seen her? i guess this was my statement of the hammer’s demise. mc hanger made is debut during the “talent” portion of our thanksgiving banquet. sporting welding goggles and weightlifting pants mocking the cazals and “hammer” pants, and flanked by two dancers with “O”s masking taped to heir behinds, the hanger rocked the house at some community center on the central coast to OG hit “they put me in the mix” as the crowd cheered in unison “HANGER! HANGER!”, the stage was set for future parodies such as the Flippendales and Philly Vanilli.

which brings us to this photo…this was probably may 1991 at chumash auditorium, cal poly, SLO – intermission of our cultural night show. i recruited dancers, they brought their own hangers, and MC Hanger hit it big…or sold out depending on how you look at it.

June 12, 2007

July/August Shows

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i’m scheduled for shows on July 8 and August 5. both shows are a part of our Improvised Summer Games – culminating on August 12th directed by keith johnstone himself!

30 Sunday Players battle for laughs and points awarded by you, the audience! Cheer on your favorite competitors as they present a spectacle of improvised games, scenes and songs (known as “Micetro”), and only the top players will advance to the finale on August 12, directed by the creator of the Micetro format, Keith Johnstone. In that ultimate challenge, Sunday Players may face BATS Company members and improvisers from faraway lands!

tickets & show info

March 21, 2007

i’m in Theatresports this sunday

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this sunday we wrap up the first round of Bats Improv Sunday Players Spring Theatresports Tournament. i’m performing with my yet to be named team in the first half so come propel us onto the next round.

SPRING THEATERSPORTS TOURNAMENT – Nights of improv filled with excitement, laughs, and battle to be the best! Each show features two exciting head-to-head matches…meaning you will see a total of four different teams per night! The two top scoring teams will square off on April 22.

March 7, 2007

Masters of Micetro Finals

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as luck would have it, i made it to the Masters of Micetro Finals with my thrilling 3rd place finish back in january. so come cheer me on during my bid this sunday to become the master of micetro. the show starts at 7pm at the fabulous Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. Click here for more information.

January 16, 2007

Masters of Micetro

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for the next two sundays, i’ll be improvising with the Sunday Players as we present the Masters of Micetro.

A Micetro show begins with a stage-full of creative improvisers who are randomly grouped to perform a variety of entertaining scenes and songs. You and the rest of the audience play judge by scoring each scene. At the end of this entertaining free-for-all, the improviser with the most points is crowned “Micetro”. On March 11, 2007, the top players from previous Micetro shows will compete to be the one, true “MASTER OF MICETRO”!

The shows start at 7pm at the fabulous Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. Click here for more information.

January 4, 2007

new year, more improv

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happy new year! what better way to start off the new year than with a night of comedy. i’m scheduled to play this sunday, january 7th at fort mason’s bayfront theatre. this sunday’s show will feature the latest class to complete the theatresports series followed by me and a group of 5 smashingly funny other improvisers in a harold.

the harold is an improv format developed by chiacgo director del close. it doesn’t have the sporting event feel of theatresports nor the elimination ways of micetro. it’s a more free form improv with bits of long form thrown in for good measure. who the heck knows what’s gonna happen. it’s improv.
come check it out

December 12, 2006

holiday hootenanny

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not sure if i’ll be playing in this show or not, but i’ll definitely be there. plus, this is a really fun format.

November 20, 2006

rex navarrete headlines punchline sf

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just wanted to get the word out that rex navarrete is headlining the punchline SF this week – nov 21 thru nov 25. i’m thinking of catching the saturday night show.

show tickets & info

November 10, 2006

BATS Improv turns 20

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today marks the 20th anniversay of BATS Improv. from the BATS Improv site:

In November 1986, a group of San Francisco theatre artisits invited Rebecca Stockley, a teacher from Seattle Theatresports, to lead a workshop and teach the new format. The 20 local actors who enrolled in the workshop had varying experience in local theatre productions, but shared little or no experience with improvisation.

That workshop culminated in a sold-out performance on November 10, 1986, at the Zephyr Theater (now the New Conservatory Theatre). A core group from that workshop were so excited by what they learned, they formed Bay Area Theatresports in the months following that workshop…and the rest is history!

i’m happy to say that i’ve been a part of BATS Improv for the past 4 years – two+ as a Sunday Player. i won’t be making tonights party or the show that follows, but i’m sure it’ll be a blast.

BATS Improv 20th Anniversary Show

also from the BATS Improv site:

TICKET UPDATE: As of Thursday morning, Nov. 9, there are just 25 seats left for this show and they are going fast. We do expect this show to sell out in advance so grab your tickets now to guarantee your seat. 

September 1, 2006

comedic crossroads

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i’m beginning to think my return to the bats sunday players was a bad idea. actually, yes it was a bad idea. much has changed in the year i was gone and it’s just not fun anymore. many of the players who helped me develop and push my improvisational potential have decided their time’s up on the just make stuff up stage. and i just may join them.

i’m reading a book by judy carter called The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom–The Comedy Writer’s Ultimate “How To” Guide. it’s teaching me a lot about joke writing and stand-up and i just may take the leap and give stand up a shot. there are a few things in the book that i’d like to take to the improv stage so there’ll be another month or 2 for me at bats. but after that, look out for me at an open mic near you!

August 14, 2006

Theatresports this Sunday, 7pm

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i’m back on stage this sunday at the Bayfront Theatre in Fort Mason for another round of theatreports. 2 teams, 3 judges. team challenges. lots of fun. this month, we’re also featuring a longform show in the 2nd half, but i’m only in the first half. same low $5 gets you both shows.

Theatresports and Long-Form Improv
Two shows in one night from the Sunday Players, our student ensemble
“The night begins with an hour-long Theatresports match, pitting two student teams against each other to compete in improvised scenes, songs, and games. The second hour features an improvised one-act play in a given genre for the eveningit could be science fiction, western, courtroom drama, soap opera or anything else decided on the fly! The audience supplies a title for the performers and the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up from there.”

August 11, 2006

and the winner is…

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Josh Blue. don’t believe for a second that his living with a disability got him the sympathy vote. the guy is flat out hilarious and best of all, he’s such a likeable guy.

it was great seeing past winners dat phan, john heffron and alonzo bodden. i loved being reminded that alonzo came in runner-up to john during season two but bounced back as the season three winner. i hope we see ty barnett run it back next season.

August 6, 2006

LCS continued

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as part of the Tivo generation, i recently got around to watching the 8/1 episode of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. much easier to watch that thing without the commercials. that 30 second skip button comes in handy when they’re hedging on revealing the voting results or that lil video montage they play before the comics take the stage. and what’s with NBC making you register before you can vote? they still don’t understand the internet do they? it was nice to see Jay London from a previous season. he’s such a likeable comic and those one-liners are hilarious. they hit you a second or two after delivery and he plays that up nicely. lots of old stuff which i found odd considering he did much of that same material on this very nationally televised show, but funny nonetheless.
i wasn’t surprised to see michelle balan leave the show. she’s been hanging on by a thread and the other 3 comics have had great showings. to my surprise, i felt josh blue finally cooled off this week. i sensed some lulls in his routine this week and the references to comics who’ve left the show bombed.

anyway, going into the final episode, i got ‘em ranked Ty Barnett, Chris Porter and Josh Blue. Yes I finally got Ty moving ahead of Chris. i’m sure i’m be just as confused in the finals ’cause they may have sandbagged this one just to kill it in the final.

July 27, 2006

Last Comic Standing

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going into the final round of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, i had chris porter as a hands down winner. he easily won numerous group challenges and was frequently the audience favorite. but with two rounds in the finals completed, i’m not so sure.

two weeks ago, we saw the five finalists perform a 5 minute routine. in my opinion, chris was off. the on stage persona he’s created fits well with his unqiue look. but the comic who really blew my socks off was ty barnett. maybe it was because we’ve seen so little of him. maybe it’s because i relate to his humor a bit more. but he killed it. i loved the bit about the post sex athlete interview. i never really cared for michele balan, but she’s fighting strong. she really put on a better show in those elimination performances. i liked roz at first, but her routine is starting to grow stale to me.

i just watched this week’s episode and was not surprised that roz didn’t receive as many votes as the others. ty put on another wonderful performance and josh blue is as strong as ever. which is weird to me. while i grew tired of roz’s style, josh’s routines stay centered around his life with cerebal palsy. make no mistake about it. the guy is funny. if anyone’ shown a consistent level, it’s been josh. chris seemingly came back to form and i’m still pulling for him because i think he’s funnier than michele. i’m interested to see if ty continues his ascent. i see his rise just like gary gulman’s rise in last season’s contest. he got stronger as the competition went on. but right now, based on their performances in the finals, i’d rank them as follows:

  1. Ty Barnett
  2. Josh Blue
  3. Chris Porter
  4. Michele Balan

regardless of how they finish, i’m sure they’ll enjoy the career boost LCS has given them. now if i could only get the guts to actually put all those jokes i’ve been writing together into a routine.

July 18, 2006

ball boys knocked off the hill

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it was another thrilling night at the bayfront theatre this past sunday. my team, the ball boys, entered the evening as the current king of the hill during the tournament. we faced mama and her boys in front of our favorite out of town summer guests. this group was more…how shall i say…exhuberant than last week’s group.

mama’s schtick grabbed the audience’s favor as they chanted “ma-ma! ma-ma!” as we took the stage. but as the improv started, the ball boys worked at winning them over. mama & her boys started the night with a scene that got horned (the horn of plenty means the judges have seen plenty) while we countered with a slide show of a trip to Egypt that included Pam from the audience. we issued a language challenge to which channing and buddy did an english-gibberish switch. not sure what the other team did, but it got horned again. ouch! mama seems to be stumbling outta the gate. they countered nicely with a point of view song which i was SO glad they got under their belt. we finished the half with a half life scene of a sanitary engineer and like that…we’re still the kings of the hill.

by this point of the night, the kids were cheering as we took the stage and it felt good, especially since they favored mama earlier in the show. but the wheels came off in the second half. some poor choices all around led to a less entertaining second half. neither team could get into a groove and the ball boys struggled to recapture that first half magic. we stumbled our way thru the second half and despite still being the crowd favorite, couldn’t pull out the win. i’m just sorry that we as an ensemble couldn’t match the show quality in the second half.

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