July 27, 2006

Last Comic Standing

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going into the final round of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, i had chris porter as a hands down winner. he easily won numerous group challenges and was frequently the audience favorite. but with two rounds in the finals completed, i’m not so sure.

two weeks ago, we saw the five finalists perform a 5 minute routine. in my opinion, chris was off. the on stage persona he’s created fits well with his unqiue look. but the comic who really blew my socks off was ty barnett. maybe it was because we’ve seen so little of him. maybe it’s because i relate to his humor a bit more. but he killed it. i loved the bit about the post sex athlete interview. i never really cared for michele balan, but she’s fighting strong. she really put on a better show in those elimination performances. i liked roz at first, but her routine is starting to grow stale to me.

i just watched this week’s episode and was not surprised that roz didn’t receive as many votes as the others. ty put on another wonderful performance and josh blue is as strong as ever. which is weird to me. while i grew tired of roz’s style, josh’s routines stay centered around his life with cerebal palsy. make no mistake about it. the guy is funny. if anyone’ shown a consistent level, it’s been josh. chris seemingly came back to form and i’m still pulling for him because i think he’s funnier than michele. i’m interested to see if ty continues his ascent. i see his rise just like gary gulman’s rise in last season’s contest. he got stronger as the competition went on. but right now, based on their performances in the finals, i’d rank them as follows:

  1. Ty Barnett
  2. Josh Blue
  3. Chris Porter
  4. Michele Balan

regardless of how they finish, i’m sure they’ll enjoy the career boost LCS has given them. now if i could only get the guts to actually put all those jokes i’ve been writing together into a routine.

July 18, 2006

ball boys knocked off the hill

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it was another thrilling night at the bayfront theatre this past sunday. my team, the ball boys, entered the evening as the current king of the hill during the tournament. we faced mama and her boys in front of our favorite out of town summer guests. this group was more…how shall i say…exhuberant than last week’s group.

mama’s schtick grabbed the audience’s favor as they chanted “ma-ma! ma-ma!” as we took the stage. but as the improv started, the ball boys worked at winning them over. mama & her boys started the night with a scene that got horned (the horn of plenty means the judges have seen plenty) while we countered with a slide show of a trip to Egypt that included Pam from the audience. we issued a language challenge to which channing and buddy did an english-gibberish switch. not sure what the other team did, but it got horned again. ouch! mama seems to be stumbling outta the gate. they countered nicely with a point of view song which i was SO glad they got under their belt. we finished the half with a half life scene of a sanitary engineer and like that…we’re still the kings of the hill.

by this point of the night, the kids were cheering as we took the stage and it felt good, especially since they favored mama earlier in the show. but the wheels came off in the second half. some poor choices all around led to a less entertaining second half. neither team could get into a groove and the ball boys struggled to recapture that first half magic. we stumbled our way thru the second half and despite still being the crowd favorite, couldn’t pull out the win. i’m just sorry that we as an ensemble couldn’t match the show quality in the second half.

July 12, 2006

into the KOTH next round!!!

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here’s a second chance for you in case you missed last night’s show. my team, the Ball Boys (get your head outta the gutter. it’s tennis ball boys), consisting of channing clarkson, buddy macuha and myself won last night’s king of the hill theatresports round catapaulting us into next week’s round.

it was a thrilling show as larger crowds always up the energy level. after judging the winners of last week (the firecrackers) versus challengers yo ho!, we took the stage at 9pm against the latter after they won by a point. the jugdes issued a genre challenge for which the audience called for romance. it ended with william (me) and antoinette (channing). lip locked. hey if you’re all guys on a team, someone’s gotta take one for the team. other memorable moments include a jewish family dinner with buddy’s “mom” suggesting “now let’s say grace” and a very fun improvised song about audience member avi that we jumped in as background vocalists.

we battled to a tie. john’s tie-breaker was for each team to select a member of the other team to participate in a dance-off. we selected chet and they selected me. bad move! my old school medley of running mans, roger rabbits, robocops, breakdancing (both up-rocking and floor work including the swipes, baby!), my trademark cabbage patch-snake combo coupled with not so old school faves like the butterfly topped off with my michael jackson solo easily won the crowd over.

tune in next week to cheer us on to the next round, this sunday, july 16 at 8pm.

July 7, 2006

King of the Hill Theatresports Tourney this Sunday, 8pm

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Sundays at the Bayfront in July kicks off with the King of the Hill Theatresports Tournament. The show starts with 2 teams squaring off in a classic Theatresports duel with the winner taking on a 3rd. Which ever team is left standing goes on to the following week and so on until one team is crowned King of the Hill! Come cheer me on as I enter the tournament. A scant $5 gets you 2 hours of improvised fun.

Click here for full details

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