July 12, 2006

into the KOTH next round!!!

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here’s a second chance for you in case you missed last night’s show. my team, the Ball Boys (get your head outta the gutter. it’s tennis ball boys), consisting of channing clarkson, buddy macuha and myself won last night’s king of the hill theatresports round catapaulting us into next week’s round.

it was a thrilling show as larger crowds always up the energy level. after judging the winners of last week (the firecrackers) versus challengers yo ho!, we took the stage at 9pm against the latter after they won by a point. the jugdes issued a genre challenge for which the audience called for romance. it ended with william (me) and antoinette (channing). lip locked. hey if you’re all guys on a team, someone’s gotta take one for the team. other memorable moments include a jewish family dinner with buddy’s “mom” suggesting “now let’s say grace” and a very fun improvised song about audience member avi that we jumped in as background vocalists.

we battled to a tie. john’s tie-breaker was for each team to select a member of the other team to participate in a dance-off. we selected chet and they selected me. bad move! my old school medley of running mans, roger rabbits, robocops, breakdancing (both up-rocking and floor work including the swipes, baby!), my trademark cabbage patch-snake combo coupled with not so old school faves like the butterfly topped off with my michael jackson solo easily won the crowd over.

tune in next week to cheer us on to the next round, this sunday, july 16 at 8pm.

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