August 14, 2006

Theatresports this Sunday, 7pm

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i’m back on stage this sunday at the Bayfront Theatre in Fort Mason for another round of theatreports. 2 teams, 3 judges. team challenges. lots of fun. this month, we’re also featuring a longform show in the 2nd half, but i’m only in the first half. same low $5 gets you both shows.

Theatresports and Long-Form Improv
Two shows in one night from the Sunday Players, our student ensemble
“The night begins with an hour-long Theatresports match, pitting two student teams against each other to compete in improvised scenes, songs, and games. The second hour features an improvised one-act play in a given genre for the eveningit could be science fiction, western, courtroom drama, soap opera or anything else decided on the fly! The audience supplies a title for the performers and the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up from there.”

August 11, 2006

and the winner is…

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Josh Blue. don’t believe for a second that his living with a disability got him the sympathy vote. the guy is flat out hilarious and best of all, he’s such a likeable guy.

it was great seeing past winners dat phan, john heffron and alonzo bodden. i loved being reminded that alonzo came in runner-up to john during season two but bounced back as the season three winner. i hope we see ty barnett run it back next season.

August 6, 2006

LCS continued

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as part of the Tivo generation, i recently got around to watching the 8/1 episode of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. much easier to watch that thing without the commercials. that 30 second skip button comes in handy when they’re hedging on revealing the voting results or that lil video montage they play before the comics take the stage. and what’s with NBC making you register before you can vote? they still don’t understand the internet do they? it was nice to see Jay London from a previous season. he’s such a likeable comic and those one-liners are hilarious. they hit you a second or two after delivery and he plays that up nicely. lots of old stuff which i found odd considering he did much of that same material on this very nationally televised show, but funny nonetheless.
i wasn’t surprised to see michelle balan leave the show. she’s been hanging on by a thread and the other 3 comics have had great showings. to my surprise, i felt josh blue finally cooled off this week. i sensed some lulls in his routine this week and the references to comics who’ve left the show bombed.

anyway, going into the final episode, i got ‘em ranked Ty Barnett, Chris Porter and Josh Blue. Yes I finally got Ty moving ahead of Chris. i’m sure i’m be just as confused in the finals ’cause they may have sandbagged this one just to kill it in the final.

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