August 14, 2006

Theatresports this Sunday, 7pm

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i’m back on stage this sunday at the Bayfront Theatre in Fort Mason for another round of theatreports. 2 teams, 3 judges. team challenges. lots of fun. this month, we’re also featuring a longform show in the 2nd half, but i’m only in the first half. same low $5 gets you both shows.

Theatresports and Long-Form Improv
Two shows in one night from the Sunday Players, our student ensemble
“The night begins with an hour-long Theatresports match, pitting two student teams against each other to compete in improvised scenes, songs, and games. The second hour features an improvised one-act play in a given genre for the eveningit could be science fiction, western, courtroom drama, soap opera or anything else decided on the fly! The audience supplies a title for the performers and the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up from there.”

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