June 25, 2007

E! True Hollywood Story

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i doubt i’ll ever be famous enough to warrant an E! special, but if i ever do, it’s gotta include MC Hanger.

the year was 1990 and mc hammer just sold out going from classics like ring ‘em and turn this mutha out to can’t touch this and have you seen her? i guess this was my statement of the hammer’s demise. mc hanger made is debut during the “talent” portion of our thanksgiving banquet. sporting welding goggles and weightlifting pants mocking the cazals and “hammer” pants, and flanked by two dancers with “O”s masking taped to heir behinds, the hanger rocked the house at some community center on the central coast to OG hit “they put me in the mix” as the crowd cheered in unison “HANGER! HANGER!”, the stage was set for future parodies such as the Flippendales and Philly Vanilli.

which brings us to this photo…this was probably may 1991 at chumash auditorium, cal poly, SLO – intermission of our cultural night show. i recruited dancers, they brought their own hangers, and MC Hanger hit it big…or sold out depending on how you look at it.

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