April 2, 2008

upcoming shows: micetro run

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we’re going back to a format we haven’t done in a while.

Micetro™ – Created by Keith Johnstone, Micetro is an improv elimination format that includes directors. Up to sixteen improvisers start the evening in numbered jersyes. The directors pull numbers out of a hat to select small groups for each scene. The director sets up the scenario for the scene and may give the performers some side coaching. Of course, the audience then decides how many points the group is awarded. Throughout the show, the individuals with the lowest scores are removed. At the end of the show, there will remain one person standing, the Micetro!

i’m scheduled for the following dates:

april 13
april 28
may 18

click here for show and tickets info 

February 25, 2008

coming to the stage this sunday march 2nd

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we’re doing another run of sunday night scenes at the bayfront this weekend. 7pm sharp. hope to see you then!

show info 

October 3, 2007

next show 10/7: Sunday Night Scene

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this weekend, i’m doing a show with a new format for the sunday players – the sunday night scene. the description on the bats improv site reads: improvised songs and scenes in a non-competitive format – just a night of fun for the audience and improvisers alike!

Date: Sunday, October 7
Time: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $5 advance/$8 door

show and ticket info

June 12, 2007

July/August Shows

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i’m scheduled for shows on July 8 and August 5. both shows are a part of our Improvised Summer Games – culminating on August 12th directed by keith johnstone himself!

30 Sunday Players battle for laughs and points awarded by you, the audience! Cheer on your favorite competitors as they present a spectacle of improvised games, scenes and songs (known as “Micetro”), and only the top players will advance to the finale on August 12, directed by the creator of the Micetro format, Keith Johnstone. In that ultimate challenge, Sunday Players may face BATS Company members and improvisers from faraway lands!

tickets & show info

March 21, 2007

i’m in Theatresports this sunday

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this sunday we wrap up the first round of Bats Improv Sunday Players Spring Theatresports Tournament. i’m performing with my yet to be named team in the first half so come propel us onto the next round.

SPRING THEATERSPORTS TOURNAMENT – Nights of improv filled with excitement, laughs, and battle to be the best! Each show features two exciting head-to-head matches…meaning you will see a total of four different teams per night! The two top scoring teams will square off on April 22.

March 7, 2007

Masters of Micetro Finals

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as luck would have it, i made it to the Masters of Micetro Finals with my thrilling 3rd place finish back in january. so come cheer me on during my bid this sunday to become the master of micetro. the show starts at 7pm at the fabulous Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. Click here for more information.

January 16, 2007

Masters of Micetro

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for the next two sundays, i’ll be improvising with the Sunday Players as we present the Masters of Micetro.

A Micetro show begins with a stage-full of creative improvisers who are randomly grouped to perform a variety of entertaining scenes and songs. You and the rest of the audience play judge by scoring each scene. At the end of this entertaining free-for-all, the improviser with the most points is crowned “Micetro”. On March 11, 2007, the top players from previous Micetro shows will compete to be the one, true “MASTER OF MICETRO”!

The shows start at 7pm at the fabulous Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. Click here for more information.

January 4, 2007

new year, more improv

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happy new year! what better way to start off the new year than with a night of comedy. i’m scheduled to play this sunday, january 7th at fort mason’s bayfront theatre. this sunday’s show will feature the latest class to complete the theatresports series followed by me and a group of 5 smashingly funny other improvisers in a harold.

the harold is an improv format developed by chiacgo director del close. it doesn’t have the sporting event feel of theatresports nor the elimination ways of micetro. it’s a more free form improv with bits of long form thrown in for good measure. who the heck knows what’s gonna happen. it’s improv.
come check it out

December 12, 2006

holiday hootenanny

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not sure if i’ll be playing in this show or not, but i’ll definitely be there. plus, this is a really fun format.

August 14, 2006

Theatresports this Sunday, 7pm

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i’m back on stage this sunday at the Bayfront Theatre in Fort Mason for another round of theatreports. 2 teams, 3 judges. team challenges. lots of fun. this month, we’re also featuring a longform show in the 2nd half, but i’m only in the first half. same low $5 gets you both shows.

Theatresports and Long-Form Improv
Two shows in one night from the Sunday Players, our student ensemble
“The night begins with an hour-long Theatresports match, pitting two student teams against each other to compete in improvised scenes, songs, and games. The second hour features an improvised one-act play in a given genre for the eveningit could be science fiction, western, courtroom drama, soap opera or anything else decided on the fly! The audience supplies a title for the performers and the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up from there.”

July 18, 2006

ball boys knocked off the hill

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it was another thrilling night at the bayfront theatre this past sunday. my team, the ball boys, entered the evening as the current king of the hill during the tournament. we faced mama and her boys in front of our favorite out of town summer guests. this group was more…how shall i say…exhuberant than last week’s group.

mama’s schtick grabbed the audience’s favor as they chanted “ma-ma! ma-ma!” as we took the stage. but as the improv started, the ball boys worked at winning them over. mama & her boys started the night with a scene that got horned (the horn of plenty means the judges have seen plenty) while we countered with a slide show of a trip to Egypt that included Pam from the audience. we issued a language challenge to which channing and buddy did an english-gibberish switch. not sure what the other team did, but it got horned again. ouch! mama seems to be stumbling outta the gate. they countered nicely with a point of view song which i was SO glad they got under their belt. we finished the half with a half life scene of a sanitary engineer and like that…we’re still the kings of the hill.

by this point of the night, the kids were cheering as we took the stage and it felt good, especially since they favored mama earlier in the show. but the wheels came off in the second half. some poor choices all around led to a less entertaining second half. neither team could get into a groove and the ball boys struggled to recapture that first half magic. we stumbled our way thru the second half and despite still being the crowd favorite, couldn’t pull out the win. i’m just sorry that we as an ensemble couldn’t match the show quality in the second half.

July 12, 2006

into the KOTH next round!!!

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here’s a second chance for you in case you missed last night’s show. my team, the Ball Boys (get your head outta the gutter. it’s tennis ball boys), consisting of channing clarkson, buddy macuha and myself won last night’s king of the hill theatresports round catapaulting us into next week’s round.

it was a thrilling show as larger crowds always up the energy level. after judging the winners of last week (the firecrackers) versus challengers yo ho!, we took the stage at 9pm against the latter after they won by a point. the jugdes issued a genre challenge for which the audience called for romance. it ended with william (me) and antoinette (channing). lip locked. hey if you’re all guys on a team, someone’s gotta take one for the team. other memorable moments include a jewish family dinner with buddy’s “mom” suggesting “now let’s say grace” and a very fun improvised song about audience member avi that we jumped in as background vocalists.

we battled to a tie. john’s tie-breaker was for each team to select a member of the other team to participate in a dance-off. we selected chet and they selected me. bad move! my old school medley of running mans, roger rabbits, robocops, breakdancing (both up-rocking and floor work including the swipes, baby!), my trademark cabbage patch-snake combo coupled with not so old school faves like the butterfly topped off with my michael jackson solo easily won the crowd over.

tune in next week to cheer us on to the next round, this sunday, july 16 at 8pm.

July 7, 2006

King of the Hill Theatresports Tourney this Sunday, 8pm

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Sundays at the Bayfront in July kicks off with the King of the Hill Theatresports Tournament. The show starts with 2 teams squaring off in a classic Theatresports duel with the winner taking on a 3rd. Which ever team is left standing goes on to the following week and so on until one team is crowned King of the Hill! Come cheer me on as I enter the tournament. A scant $5 gets you 2 hours of improvised fun.

Click here for full details

June 7, 2006

Theatresports this Sunday, 7pm

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just a quick note that i’ll be performing at Fort Mason this Sunday at 7pm. all it takes is $5 to catch all 3 shows, but since i’m the real reason you’re coming, get there right at 7pm. actually, the specialty show following show be a blast too. click here for tickets.

October 18, 2005

don’t call it a comeback

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my next show is in january 2006. stay tuned for details

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